SNEAK PEAK: Outpost 10


Getting back into the swing of things with a busy start to the summer and IRL projects – new monuments are getting pumped out!

The latest custom monument to come off of the TRGC factory line is Outpost 10: a brand new take on Outpost that combines all of the vendors and functionality of Bandit Camp and Outpost. This makes it ideal for smaller maps since it prevents having to sacrifice key components of the game to accommodate the lack of space.

Outpost 10 will be featured on upcoming custom maps starting with the upcoming August 2023 map!

Outpost 10 Features and Notables:

  • All custom TRGC vendors are now NPC shopkeepers, located throughout the compound (Including Vlad!)
  • Includes Airwolf Shopkeeper
  • Includes NPC quest givers from standard Stables, Outpost and Bandit Camp.
  • Includes sizable custom casino, Studio 10! Perfect for server gambling events.
  • Respawn location included in sewers to avoid late-wipe spawn deaths from Raidable base turrets
  • Includes Subway Connection
  • Includes powered Car Lift
  • Includes multiple 100% comfort areas to relax and recharge
  • Safezone on the surface, but no rules in the sewer! Keep your PvP Pants on!
  • 25% of the size of the standard Outpost monument, 150% of the functionality

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