Arctic Wasteland Map: Sneak Peak!


Here’s a teaser for the upcoming Rust map going live on the 3/24/2023 wipe!

Imagine a world blanketed by irradiated snow and cold. Protective domes were erected to protect critical infrastructure during the first year of the endless blizzard, but many valuable resources were left to the elements – protected only by radiation and freezing conditions. Can you make your way in this desolate world?

  • Standard 4250 size map – includes full rail system!
  • Follow the tunnels between domed areas to stay out of the cold and radiation
  • Suit up and explore monuments with additional loot located outside dome protection – many with their own hidden building areas
  • Long nights outside of domed areas – make sure to bring light!
  • Warming stations located throughout the frozen wastes – can you find them all?

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